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Meet Our Team


Lindsay Shephard, DVM

Lindsay graduated from St. George’s University in 2016, after which she did a small animal rotating internship in New York before starting work as an emergency doctor in Chattanooga, TN. In 2018, she started dipping her toe into relief life, and in March of 2020, as the world was shutting down and cloaked in uncertainty, she thought ‘this would be a good time to quit my job and embark on a new venture of self-employment'. Since then, Lindsay has worn out many tires traveling across North Carolina and Virginia to work in a variety of emergency/specialty hospitals and after-hours urgent care facilities. In  2021, Matt suckered her into starting a relief company called BindleVet, just as they had sworn to ‘stop working so much’.


Lindsay is currently living out her dream working as a research scientist within the Clinical Hematopathology Lab at Colorado State University.  Lindsay and Matt currently live in Fort Collins, CO. In her free time, Lindsay likes traveling, visiting national parks (19 so far!), reading, working out, and sending memes to her friends.

Matthew Asciutto, DVM

Matt spent many years performing improv comedy, designing polymers, and teaching MCAT for Kaplan before pursuing an incredibly sensible career in veterinary medicine. A 2017 graduate of the University of Tennessee, Dr. Asciutto has been working as a full-time emergency relief veterinarian since 2018, working for over 35 hospitals and traveling across 6 states to get there. He is now the co-owner of BindleVet, a collective of locum veterinarians who... well, you're on the website. Take a look around.


When he isn't working, Matt can be found making good use of his National Parks Annual Pass, incessantly bothering Lindsay with opinions about everything, and collecting an unreasonable number of guitars and surfboards. These days he can often be found spending far too much time editing his book or endlessly droning on about his podcast: The Greatest Profession.

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